All Aboard!

The year is 1923. A man has gone missing after a strange lecture. Three men, all with the same name, die on the same evening.

Lily Mansfield

Flynn Bascomb played by Brian Suskind
Gavriil Yuryevsky played by Brian Mansfield
Nigel Talfyn Pennelpon IV played by Sean Falvey
Violetta Pasini played by Laurie Jenkins
Wilfred Sherbrooke played by Brent Rudmann
Maxwell Brackenridge played by Jeff Stanley

Past Sessions
Character Creation
London, January 1923—transcribed
London, continued—transcribed
London to Paris—transcribed
Paris, January 1923
Poissy, January 1923
Leaving Poissy—transcribed
Into the Dreamlands—transcription in progress
Aboard the Dreamlands Express—transcription in progress
[[The Dreamlands: Dylath-Leen and Beyond | The Dreamlands: Dylath-Leen and Beyond]]—NO idea why this one link just doesn’t want to work.
Dreamlands to the Waking World
Lausanne, continued—transcribed
Entering Dream Lausanne—transcribed
The Trial!—mostly transcribed

Horror on the Orient Express

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